Expert Advice HIV (RADATA)

The treatment of the HIV-infection has become more and more complex over the past years due to the development of new drugs and therapy strategies. A fast scientific progress is taking place that requires a high level of information from the physician. Clinical studies have shown that therapy changes in the treatment of an HIV-infection are most successful when the treating physicians have access to resistance analyses as well as external experts.

The ifi-Institute founded the expert advice system RADATA in 2002 with the aim to offer physicians additional advice for a therapy in the everyday clinical life.

The level of communication is the Internet. The treating physician makes data available on the RADATA website that should include the reason for a therapy change and other issues (resistance analyses, drug monitoring, previous ART, compliance, demands of the patient, laboratory findings, etc.). After a careful data analysis, the experts give a treatment recommendation. In acknowledgment of the experts, the treating physician introduces the therapy and fills in the subsequent data of the patient.

Currently, 54 German institutions take part in RADATA, one centre in Austria as well as 8 laboratories.

The use of the expert advice system is free of charge.



RADATA-centres cumulative, 31.12.10

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