Quality management

To provide a constantly high level of treatment, according to the “State of the Art”, the ifi-Institute implemented quality policies many years ago.

Here are some examples:

  • The ifi-Institute was certified by the German Association for Infectious Diseases as a “Centre for Infectious Diseases" further information
  • The Liver-Centre Hamburg is certified as a “Centre for Hepatology” by the Association of Practice-Based Gastroenterologists. further information
  • Participation in international as well as national guidelines further information
  • Hosting of medical conferences on quality further information
  • Weekly conferences with the team, concerning incidents and events
    • every Monday: team conference
    • every Tuesday: medical conference
    • every Wednesday: “complicated cases” are discussed by all physicians (medical conferences on quality)
    • every Thursday: conference on clinical trials
  • Control of hygienic procedures and medical technology by an external institute
  • Constant review and improvement of our own internal procedures
  • Development of our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for therapy studies
  • Constant advanced training by our own staff (approx. 15 events every year)
  • Coordination of the experts-advice-system RADATA for physicians
  • Coordination of the experts-advice-system HepData for physicians
  • Coordination of the Interaction Hotline for physicians and pharmacists
  • Definitions of standards in prevention, diagnostics and procedures
  • Medical license to offer advanced training by the physicianse further information