Scientific research and teaching

Scientific research and teaching have always been one of the main topics of the ifi-Institute. Next to the participation in therapy- and cohort studies, our own research projects and the co-operation in research groups  are very important matters to us. Physicians of the ifi-Institute regularly give lectures in line with the academic studies of medicine in private and public universities.

The regular participation in national and international clinical trials is a fundamental part of the offered treatment. For patients, suffering from advanced diseases or with limited treatment options, the treatment with innovative and experimental substances can be vital. At the ifi-Study Centre professional structures have been established for the realisation of therapeutic studies.

Interlocking and cohort studies represent an important instrument for the investigation of courses of disease. The ifi-Institute participates in different interlocking and cohort studies in co-operation with among others the Robert-Koch-Institute and the German liver foundation.

In own research projects colleagues of the ifi-Institute evaluate data of patients or provisional data and publish these in medical journals.

Prof. Dr. A. Plettenberg and Prof. Dr. J. Petersen are professors of the university Hamburg. Next to events at the University of Hamburg there are also lectures given by physicians of the ifi-Institute at the Asklepios Medical School.

Seven dissertations were already achieved at the ifi-Institute.

Colleagues of the ifi-Institute work in national and international research groups on topics such as the treatment of HIV, viral hepatitis and other liver diseases.