Prof. Plettenberg, Dr. Stoehr and Prof. Petersen give lectures in medicine at the University of Hamburg as well as at the Asklepios Medical School (Campus Hamburg of the Semmelweis University Budapest).

University of Hamburg, medical department

Course 04.485: Interdisciplinary Infectiology - Diagnosis, Clinic and Therapy of the HIV-infections and associated diseases

Lecturer: Prof. A. Plettenberg, Dr. A. Stoehr

Wednesday 11.00-14.00

Healthcare for mirgants in pracitce

Lecturer: Prof. A. Plettenberg, N.-J. Albrecht, Dr. C. Kofahl

Tuesday 17.30-20.30

Asklepios Medical School, Campus Hamburg, Department for Medicine of the Semmelweis-University Budapest

Foundation of Immunology

Academic: Dr. A. Stoehr, Prof. A. Plettenberg, PD Dr. Wagner, PD Dr. Riethdorf

Current clinical infectiology (compact seminar)

Assistant lecturer: Prof. A. Plettenberg

Internal Medicine (in line with the practical year)

Academic: Prof. Dr. J. Petersen