ifi-Study Centre

The ifi-Study Centre takes part in clinical trials on the effectiveness and compatibility of newly designed drugs and therapy concepts. Most of the clinical trials are centred on the examination of newly designed drugs in the field of HIV, as well as hepatitis B and C. Moreover, we perform clinical trials on other liver- or infectious diseases (e.g. influenza, hepatocellular carcinoma).

Since the progress in the treatment of diseases like HIV-infection is particularly attributed to the design of new drugs, it is very important for some patients to be treated with these new drugs as early as possible.

Since 1997 we conducted more than 250 studies. Consecutively, round about 20 to 30 national or international studies of the phases I-IV are arranged.

Experienced physicians and study nurses take care of the patients in line with the studies. Furthermore, we have own rooms plus up to date devices for medical diagnostics of examinations. The study team is supported by administrative colleagues and student assistants.

Next to the execution and documentation of investigations, or rather consulting with the patients, also the assistance of monitors and feasibility studies are important tasks for the completion of the studies. We take our time in order to perform these tasks to optimum with our experience and routine.

For patients safety we work in clearance with exactily defined guidelines and work cycles, the so called SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). We adjust these constantly to legal changes and update them in order to optimize acitivities.

In team meetings we regularly discuss questions and work cycles. All colleagues of the ifi Study centre have a certificate in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) as well as an IATA-training. Before starting each study physicians and study nurses participate in a corresponding investigation meetings.