STD Check-Up

The term “STD” stands for “sexually transmitted diseases”. You consider STDs as diseases that are transmitted by sexual contact. Basically, for every sexually active person there is a risk of being infected during sexual contacts.

More facts on STD

The ifi-Institute for interdisciplinary medicine, Centre for Infectious Diseases offers a STD Check-Up. At one single appointment, broad diagnostics are applied with the objective to detect or rule out 15 different agents. Methods like molecular-biological investigations are applied that are not covered by the public health insurances.

Who should make a STD Check-Up?

Everybody, who wants to be sure, that he or she is not suffering from any STD

How much is the STD Check-Up?

We are pleased to be able to offer you the STD Check-Up at a price of only 395€.

The costs are not covered by public health insurances. Partial coverage by private health insurances is possible. You should clarify this matter with your insurance before undertaking the STD Check-Up.


Organisation and Procedure


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