Organisation and procedure

1. After a detailed conversation

the physical medical examination gives us a first hint how the liver could be damaged. Afterwards we will schedule together our further approach.

2. Blood sample

The taking of the blood sample at the same day serves to control the elevated liver values and the functions which are carried out in connection with the liver. We will have a very close look at your elevated liver values in order to rule out diseases and other rare liver diseases.

3. Ultrasonography

With ultrasound we exam your liver and biliary tracts looking for fatty degeneration, tumours, cicatrization, enlargement, calculus generation and so on. Furthermore, we exam all other organs in the abdomen in-depth. For this examination you are not allowed to eat or drink beforehand, but it can be carried out at the same time with the blood withdrawl.

4. Liver elasticity measurement

With the help of the so called „not-invasive“ liver elasticity measurement we can judge the severity of the liver disease more precisely. This examination takes place at the same time with the sonography and is not painful at all.

5.Liver biopsy

In some inexplicit cases or to judge the severity of a disease and the extent of the liver damage, a liver puncture (liver biopsy) can be necessary. The liver tissue is microscopical analysed. We carry out this examination ambulant daily in our liver centre.

How is a liver biopsy performed?

During a liver biopsy a very small liver sample from the liver is taken with a very thin needle. This diagnostic examination is arranged in our liver centre. A local anaesthesia of the puncture is completely sufficient. We use a medicine that you might have received in a similar form from your dentist before a small intervention. Because of this anaesthesia the puncture is very little painful, a small amount of taken tissue normally is enough for diagnostics. The puncture is carried out under sonographic control, thus, the punctured part of the liver is visualised. Nevertheless, after a puncture you should rest in bed  for some hours. In our liver centre all patients are supervised for four hours after a liver puncture. Therefore, you can leave the IFI institution at the same day and you will be able to work normally the next day. Anyway, you should avoid lifting heavy things or  doing sports with a lot of body contact for the next four days. We will hand out to you an extra information brochure with additional  information about liver biopsy.

6. Concluding consult

After all results are present, we will advise you detailed, also referring to therapeutic possibilities if necessary. This conversation is lead exclusively by our liver specialist. Often you do not need more than two ambulant appointments at intervals of 7 days for a complete liver check-up.

The liver check-up costs 1.300 €.

Compulsory health insurance funds do not cover the costs, a partial covering of the cost by private health funds is possible. Before arranging a liver check-up, the insured should clarify with his insurance.


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