Liver Check-up

Nowadays, diseases of the liver are increasing owing to several causes immensely. Symptoms such as fatigue, poor concentration and disturbed sleep are rarely connected to liver diseases.

Most frequently, we are responsable for  a malfunction of our liver due to our lifestyle and diet, which can provoke fatty degeneration of the liver or cirrhosis of the liver. We do not only mean the consumption of alcohol, but also a too opulent and solid diet. Other diseases can occur because of virus (mainly hepatitis B or C), medical drugs, malfunction of the immune system („rheumatism“ of the liver), tumours and metastases  or calculus formation of the biliary tract or metabolism disease. A liver check-up controls the efficiency and health of the liver. This liver check-up is carried out in our specialised centre by hepatologists (physicians with their main focus on liver disease).

What do we check in our liver check-up?

Organisation and procedure


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