Health Check-Up

Standardized modules combined with individual supplements

The Health Check-Up of the ifi-Institute for interdisciplinary medicine includes a broad panel of procedures as well as prevention following the latest scientific research in one day. The arrangement into different standardized modules allows an individual combination of the investigations. After completion of the Health Check-Up, most patients know: I am healthy!

The Health Check-Up includes a basic check-up as well as several supplementing modules, which you can select optionally.

If further investigations seem to be reasonable, they can be complemented. The ifi-Institute has access to the large competence of the Asklepios Hospital St. Georg, a hospital that offers maximum care and several special investigations.

Normally, all investigations take place at one appointment. Whether the review of the results of the investigation takes place at the same day or later has to be individually arranged for every single case. 

For whom is the Health Check-Up designed?

The Health Check-Up is designed for all those who have high demands on themselves and want to know at a single enfolding investigation whether they will stay healthy even under pressure.

Organisation and Procedure

Modules, medical examinations and costs


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