Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

What is hepatitis?

Hepatitis is an inflammation (-itis) of the liver (greek: hepar), which is often caused by viruses. But also medicine, drugs, bacteria, alcohol or dysfunctions of the immune system can lead to an hepatitis.

Viral hepatitis

We distinguish between important viral germs such as the virus hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. The viral hepatitis A, B and D were already discovered in the seventies. Since 1989 we can also identify the viral hepatitis C. Because of this identification it was possible to diagnose many of the earlier known as Non-A, Non-B  cases of hepatitis  and such called transfusional hepatitis to the hepatitis C virus. An hepatitis D can only appear in combination with an underlying hepatitis B. It is impossible to think of an exclusive infection with hepatitis D without a parallel or pending hepatitis B.

The chronic courses of hepatitis B and C are very likely. In recent years, our knowledge on the causes, frequentness and treatment opportunities of the chronic viral hepatitis type B and C increased immensely. For some years already, there are some promising drugs for the medical treatment of the chronic hepatitis available.

In our Liver Centre we offer you professional consultation by liver specialists on hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Our therapy centre for hepatitis B and hepatitis C is one of the biggest ones in Germany. Our study centre supports the clinical research on the development of new drugs against hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Information brochures on hepatitis B and hepatitis C of the Liver Centre

You can find our detailed information brochures in German for patients and relatives on this website. If you do wish we can also send you one by post. You can readup beforehand if you require verified information.