Endoscopic examinations can provide important findings for diagnostics and medical treatment.

In our centre we offer endoscopic examinations within clinical standards. It is carried out on the premises of the Endoscopy of the Asklepios Hospital St. Georg. Thus, we can access modern equipment, well experienced nursing staff and good monotoring possibilities. We accomplish:


inter alia:

  • enlargement of constrictions in the oesophagus
  • therapy of oesophageal varices or fundus varices
  • ablation of polyps
  • to stop bleedings


inter alia:

  • excision of polyps
  • piles therapy

ERCP’s- „Presentation of the common bile duct“

inter alia:

  • excision of gallstones within the common bile duct
  • drainage through stentinsertion

Normally the examination is performed with short anaesthesia, meaning the patient has no pain or faucial reflexes because he or she „sleeps“ during the examination. During the examination the patient is constantly under control of oxygen saturation in blood and  pulse- and blood pressure. Normally, patients wake up very shortly after examination and can leave the hospital after short monotoring. Nevertheless,  after a short anaesthesia you are not allowed to drive on your own.

Detailed information about preparation and procedure is available in our information brochures. Before examination you will be informed by one of our physicians about possible risks and you have the opportunity to ask questions.

Colonoscopies belong among others to the classical preventive medical check-ups, which are recommended after the age of 55 and are paid by the compulsory health insurance funds.

Many times  alongside the optical presentation during the examination small tissue samples are extracted with tiny forceps, which facilitates diagnostics. Also therapeutic interventions such as the ablation of polyps or the enlargement of constrictions can be realised this way.

Very complicated endoscopic interventions can be carried out because of the very close cooperation with the hospital for interventional endoscopy of the UKE.