Day-Care Unit

The ifi-Medizin GmbH is responsible for the Day-Care Unit. In our Day-Care Unit we carry out many different diagnostic and therapeutic  measures. Moreover, the Day-Care Unit has access to all diagnostic and therapeutic facilities of the Asklepios Hospital St. Georg. The Day-Care Unit is usually open till 5 pm on labour days (till 4 pm on Friday). If necessary, attendance can also take place later or at the weekend.

Medical content of the care of the Day-Care Unit

Typical measures in the Day-Care Unit are:

1. Extensive and time-consuming diagnostics

  • Invasive investigations with a special demand for monitoring (i. e. puncture of the liver, lumbar puncture, pleurocentesis, bronchoscopy, coloscopy with bleeding tendency )
  • Extensive diagnostic package of measures if tumour diseases, emergencies or existing complications occur, unless it is possible to manage the situation as an out-patient (e.g. seriously sick patients)
  • Organ specific diagnostics and therapy, if suspicion is present of opportunistic infections

2. Complex therapeutic measures

  • Chemotherapy for patients with lymphoid cancer
  • Infusion treatment for patients with severe infectious diseases
  • Complex local therapeutical measures for patients with distinctive cutaneous ulcerations

3. Measure after which several hours of observation are necessary

  • Re-exposition of Abacavir with increasing hypersensitivity reaction
  • First penicillin infusion with syphilis (prevention of Herxheimer reaction)

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