Borreliosis is a tick-transmitted bacterial infection. Since only 10-30% of all ticks are infected with borrelia and every fourth bite is infectious, cases of manifest borreliosis are very rare. When considering all tick-bites (infected and non-infected) the host develops antibodies after every 20th bite and after every 100th bite the host develops symptoms such as an erythema migrans.

The infection can be detected in the blood by antibody testing. Treatment after secured diagnosis of borreliosis consists of antibiotics during the course of 2 to 4 weeks.

You’ll find more information on borreliosis and its treatment here:

- Chapter “26.2 Lyme Borreliosis”, Thieme-Book “Infectious Diseases of the Skin”, 3rd edition 2010, Author: Prof. A. Plettenberg more information (German)

- Chapter “Borreliosis and other infections which are transmitted by ticks- Update”, Medical Bulletin Hamburg (7-8/07), Authors: Prof. A. Plettenberg, G- Mohrmann, Dr. A. Stoehr, T. Meyer more information (German)