Medical Services

The ifi-Institute offers its patients a broad spectrum of advanced medical procedures and treatments. Our focus is on infectious diseases (Centre for Infectious Diseases), diseases of the liver (Liver-Centre Hamburg) as well as medical prevention. For medical treatment and diagnostics we have our day hospital with advanced diagnostic procedures available.

Centre for Infectious Diseases

Patients with a variety of infectious diseases are attended as out-patients or part-time in-patients. We employ six specialists on infectious diseases at our institute and are recognised as a “Centre for Infectious Diseases” by the German Association for Infectiology (DGI).  There are special consultations for our patients on viral hepatitis, borreliosis, HIV-infections, sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis.

Liver-Centre Hamburg

At the Liver-Centre Hamburg there are three specialists on hepatology. The Liver-Centre Hamburg is certified as a“Centre for Hepatology” by the Association of Practice-Based Gastroenterologists. We offer the complete range of diagnostic procedures related to liver diseases:

Medical Prevention

We offer a broad spectrum of medical checkups, including the following special offers:

Consultation on vaccinations and travel medicine

We offer all available vaccinations. Consultations are held by a specialised experienced physician.

Day hospital on infectious diseases/ HIV

Special procedures and treatments are carried out in our day-hospital, on a part-time in-patient basis. We offer i.e.:

  • Extensive i.e. time-consuming diagnostics
  • Extensive therapeutic procedures
  • Procedures, after which monitoring for a couple of hours will be necessary

Diagnostic procedures

The ifi-Institute offers a broad range of diagnostic procedures:

Special therapeutic procedures

  • TIPS
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Chemotherapeutic therapy

In a NEW cooperation with Mrs. Gloy the ifi-Institute offers nutritional therapy and counseling