Expert advice hepatitis (HepData)

During the past few years new drus for the therapy of hepatitis infections have been developed. For both hepatitis B and C several drugs are avaliable now, that can be used in single or combined therapy concepts.

Since the admission of new drugs for the therapy of hepatitis C the chances for healing increased in a significant way. These drugs are used in complicated therapy concepts, that require more konledge from the physician. The guidance of a patient is geting more difficult.

In cases of co-infetions with hepatitis B and C or HIV the therapy options are even more complicated.

Aditionally several new diagnostic methods have been developed. The fast progess in the research om hepatitis makes it more and more difficult to keep ut to date on the latest development.

How does HepData work?

HepData can only be caccesed by physicians. After the registration each user gets an individual login from the coordinators to use the members area.

In the members area physicians can etiter present a patient to ask for the apropriate therapy or ask a global question about hepatitis.

For the presentation of a patient the informed consent of the patient is necessary. After the online documentation of the patient an expert advice is requested. This request will be answered within 5 days.

The pysician can decide if he follows the adice or decide for a different therapy for his patient.

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