Dr. med. Albrecht Stoehr

Family status

Married, three children.


1976 - 1983

Study of Medicine at the Universities of Copenhagen, Düsseldorf and Hamburg


Thesis on the topic: “Research on the influences of heparin on the blood clotting during an acute intoxication with Carbromal”. The work was accomplished together with Dr. Wilfried Kapfhammer at the Paediatric Clinic B at the University of Düsseldorf (Director Prof. Dr. E. Schmidt) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. U. Göbel. Mark: excellent

1983 - 1986

Resident at the Medical Clinic of the Hospital Reinbek, Consultant: Prof. Dr. K. Heisig

1986 - 1987

Resident at the Radiological Clinic of the Hospital Reinbek, Consultant: Dr. K. Scherer

1987 - 1989

Resident at the 1st Medical Clinic of the General Hospital St. Georg, Hamburg, chief physician: Prof. Dr. Begemann

since 1989

Personal authorization to treat patients with HIV/AIDS by the KV Hamburg. Development of the Interdisciplinary Ambulance of Infectious Diseases at the General Hospital St. Georg


Recognition as a specialist for internal medicine


Attending at the 1st Medical Clinic of the General Hospital St. Georg, Hamburg. Organisation of a diagnostic sonography-unit in the section including interventional techniques. Establishment of the focus on infectious diseases in the clinic


Foundation of the study group on infectious diseases at the General Hospital St. Georg.


Publication of guidelines for the use of antibiotics for the General Hospital St. Georg


Foundation of the ifi-Institute for Interdisciplinary Medicine, Centre for Infectious Diseases

Unit in line with a contract with the General Hospital St. Georg. Settlement in the joint private practice Prof. Dr. A. Plettenberg & Dr. A. Stoehr on the grounds of the General Hospital St. Georg


Certificate as a specialist on infectious diseases (German Society for Infectiology)


Zertifikat zum Infektiologen (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Infektiologie)


Foundation of the ifi-Studien und Projekte GbR Prof. Dr. Plettenberg & Dr. Stoehr


Publication of the book “Antiretroviral Therapy of HIV and AIDS”, Uni-Med Verlag


Foundation of the Centre for Medical Care Hamburg

since 2009

Medical Director of the Liver-Centre Hamburg at Asklepios Hospital St. Georg, Hamburg