Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Petersen

Family status

Married with PD Dr. Maura Dandri-Petersen, two children


1986 - 1992

Study of Medicine at the universities of Hamburg, Zurich and Mount Sinai, New York, USA


“Approbation” (License), Medical Board Hamburg



“TNF-alpha, interleukin 1 beta and interleukin 6- secretion in vitro by alveolar macrophages in patients with sarcoidosis and AIDS”

since 1994

Extensive activity in lectures and teaching

1992 - 1994

Intern and Resident in Medicine, University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg

1995 - 1997

Scholarship of the German Scientific Association (DFG) and the National Institutes of Health at the Liver Research Centre of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA

1998 - 2000

Resident in Medicine, University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg

since 1998

Head of the work group on viral hepatitis and head of a DFG- work group on hepatitis and clinical research in the field of chronic hepatitis b and c at the University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg


Recognition as a specialist in Medicine, Medical Board Hamburg


Postdoctoral lecture qualification: University of Hamburg

“Virus-host-interactions in infections with hepatitis-viruses: From the better understanding to the development of a new research model”


Sub-specialisation in gastroenterology


Attending, from 2006 directing attending at the University Hospital Eppendorf, 1st Medical Clinic, Hamburg

2006 - 2009

Member of the board of the European Association for the Study of Liver disease (EASL)


Sub-specialisation in infectious diseases


Granting of the title: Professor in Medicine

since  2009


Medical Director of the Liver-Centre Hamburg at the ifi-Institute for Interdisciplinary Medicine/MVZ-Hamburg at the Asklepios Hospital St. Georg, Hamburg


since 2009

Co-editor of the European Journal on the Liver “Journal of Hepatology”