Organisation of the ifi-Institute

The ifi-Institute for interdisciplinary medicine, which is situated at the area of the Asklepios Hospital St. Georg, has different medical focuses: 

MVZ HamburgScheme ifi-Institut

At the Medical Care Centre (MVZ) out-patients are treated by an interdisciplinary team of physicians. Specialisations
are: internal medicine and dermatology with the subspecialisation of infectious diseases, gastroenterology, nephrology and medical quality management. Each term (3 months) approx. 3500 patients are treated. In addition, we provide infectiological consulting in 14 different hospitals in the area around Hamburg.

ifi-Medizin GmbH

The ifi-Medizin GmbH runs the day hospital in co-operation with the Asklepios Hospital St. Georg. Thus, time-consuming and advanced procedures are carried out in the setting of a day-ward. Furthermore, the ifi-Medizi GmbH coordinates the web-based expert-advice system RADATA for HIV infection and HepData for hepatitis infection. The interaction-hotline is also an important part of the ifi-Medizin GmbH. Two pharmacists provide help on the issue of drug interactions.

ifi-Studien und Projekte GmbH i. L.

The ifi-Centre for Clinical Research carries out studies, which aim to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of newly designed drugs and procedures. The main focus is the evaluation of new drugs in the field of HIV, as well as hepatitis b and c. This is to the advantage of the patient, who can take part in medical trails and receive new drugs as early as possible.