About us

The ifi-Institute offers you a broad spectrum of services, ranging from a team of interdisciplinary physicians, advanced therapies to care on the highest medical level. The institute is specialised on infectious diseases, hepatology and medical prevention. The special feature of our institute is the close interaction of out-patient and in-patient care, which was achieved in an exemplary way.

All necessary out-patient procedures can be arranged at the Medical Care Centre; due to the day hospital the ifi-Institute has access to all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of the Asklepios Klinik St. Georg.

Because of the ifi-Centre for Clinical Research, which is an important feature of our institute, we have the possibility to take part in many scientific research projects as well as in therapeutic studies. This is our way of making sure that our medical treatments and procedures are always lead by the highest standards of medical knowledge. Thanks to this arrangement we can also offer access to the newest developments in terms of diagnostics and treatments (drugs).

The ifi-Institute for interdisciplinary medicine is located in House L of the Asklepios Hospital St. Georg in Hamburg. Owing to the close co-operation with the hospital we are able if necessary to access the wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures a well-equipped hospital has to offer.

 The broad spectrum of services is provided by: 

  • MVZ Hamburg (out-patient care)
  • Day hospital (in-patient care on a daily basis)
  • the excellent location on the campus of the Asklepios Hospital St. Georg
  • Centre for Clinical Research
  • different disciplines and specialisations: internal medicine, dermatology, infectious diseases, hepatology, gastroenterology
  • the wide range of diagnostic procedures

The facility is accessible for handicapped people.

We invite you to have a brief look at the institute, before you visit us…